The Visitor

My current endeavor is a short story called “The Visitor.” It is about the impact of an alien satellite as it enters orbit around the earth.  We earthlings send probes to other planets all the time — in fact there are several in orbit around other planets in our solar system right now, and some […]

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Lighthouses in Space?

As I was driving South down Highway 1, along the coast towards Big Sur (BTW, this is without a doubt one of the most spectacular roads anywhere in America), I came across a lighthouse that sits atop a large rock. The rock is connected to the coast by a flat spit of land, as if […]

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Daydreaming for Plot Lines

I had a great day yesterday visiting with my Sister and her husband and friends in Napa Valley.  Tasting some fantastic wines and meeting some incredibly devoted individuals.  It is humbling how dedicated they are to the craft of wine making — I can only hope to be so dedicated to writing the best stories […]

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Borderlands Books

I spent yesterday wondering around San Francisco, checking out a number of the diverse neighborhoods in the city. One of my primary objectives was to visit Borderlands Books on Valencia Street in the Mission District. I have been wanting to check out this Science Fiction bookseller for some time and I wasn’t disappointed. The book […]

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