Lighthouses in Space?

As I was driving South down Highway 1, along the coast towards Big Sur (BTW, this is without a doubt one of the most spectacular roads anywhere in America), I came across a lighthouse that sits atop a large rock. The rock is connected to the coast by a flat spit of land, as if the rock was pulled away from the coast line and the flat was the skid mark that was left.

Sitting atop this rock is a lighthouse and some buildings that appear to be from the early 1900’s, most likely the caretaker’s house and some maintenance buildings. It’s just a really cool visual.

It got me thinking about how remote the place is now, but how even more remote it must have been for the caretaker a hundred or more years ago. That, in turn, got me to wonder about the idea of lighthouses in space — could they or would they exist, and what would it be like to be the caretaker?

One thought on “Lighthouses in Space?

  1. Yes. I agree completely. The central coast is AWESOME.

    I’ve lived in Santa Cruz for most of my life (since I was four, in fact), so I know well the spectacularity (is that even a word? Meh. Don’t really care.) of this part of the world.

    If you ever want to try another beautiful drive, then take Highway 1 north from Santa Cruz to SF. There’s a lot of craggy, precipitous scenery; a massive old lighthouse (Pigeon Point), and even an abandoned WWII sentry gun that is well-hidden, and might not even be there now.

    In any case, welcome to my little corner of the universe. Hope you have fun over here.

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