The Future is Now. Sort of.

I remember how excited I was when I got my first iPod. The whole idea that I could stuff days and days of music (yes, days — I have over 500 CDs) into this little space and then call them up at will to listen…well, it was really sort of magical. It hit me even more profoundly than my first computer (a Dell P90 with a whopping 1GB of memory!), probably because of the mobility it provided and my musical inclination.

Anyway, I bought another iPod yesterday. It’s a Nano, and I bought a watchband with it. So now I have this awesome, futuristic looking thing on my wrist with a fantabuous selection of watch faces to choose from — I chose a predictably Sci Fi-ish digital readout.

It’s just really cool. And now I’m wondering how long before they incorporate Facetime into it so I can have a Dick Tracy wrist communicator…

Oh, and it rained last night here on the Central Coast of California. Even the rain is sweet here.

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