I Have Returned From the Other Side of the Planet

Oh my. It is just not normal to spend 24+ hours in an aluminum tube.  It makes me wonder what it would really be like on a long-term space voyage.

I spent the last two weeks traveling in Asia: Bangkok, Thailand; Jakarta, Indonesia: Phnom Penh, Cambodia; & Singapore.  All are wonderful places with vibrant cultures and fantastic food.  I really love Asia.

My return trip took me from Singapore to Hong Kong, onward to Narita, Japan (near Tokyo) and then back to the United States.  The last flight was over 12 hours long! I have made that trip a number of times, and it is never easy. It really puts the reality of a trip to Mars or beyond in perspective (although I am sure the view on those trips would be spectacular).

Oh, and no, I did not finish my story yet — mostly because this was a business trip and I ended up spending far more of my scheduled “free time” working or catching up on sleep. Excuses aside, I am still very much engaged in the creative process of bringing my story to life — I think it is going to be a good one.

All of this being said, I am so glad to be home. Even though I relish the opportunity to travel — especially when it takes me to the far side of my home planet!

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