Welcome Back, I Said To Myself

Quite a lot has gone on since my last post.  First, I’ve read a number of PKD novels, including Valis, Counter-Clock World, The Simulacra, and Now Wait For Last Year.  I still have The Man In The High Castle on the bookshelf. Incredible stuff.

I figured it was time to break into something else, so I thought I’d finish the Alistair Reynold’s trilogy by diving into Absolution Gap, but then I saw the movie “John Carter.”  I’m convinced that the movie flopped because Disney did a crap job of marketing. “John Carter” sounds like a Sly Stallone flick about a private detective. It’s actually a fine film, and got me interested in Edgar Rice Burroughs again, so Absolution Gap will have to wait.  Thankfully, Disney produced a fine paperback anthology of ERB’s John Carter stories, so I am now getting deep into A Princess of Mars.  Burroughs is an interesting character, and in addition to military service in Arizona, he worked as a pencil sharpener salesman. It somehow makes sense.

Of course, for this writer, the biggest news is a purchase of a condo in a historical building in Old Town Fredericksburg, Virginia. We’re renovating the kitchen which will make a huge difference in the space, and hopefully that will be done soon so we can move and put our house on the market. It is all a very time-consuming and stressful process, and the sooner it is over, the better.  Oh, and it’s expensive too.  It has unfortunately  had a negative impact on my writing, and I am still trying to finish A Smell of Roses; it is a fantastic story in my head, I just need to get it on paper. Or on the computer screen…you know what I mean.

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