Alien 3 Revisited

I watched Alien 3 last night. Not for any other reason than it was on Showtime and I hadn’t seen it in a while. My last impression was the film is so-so. I am little warmer on it after last night’s viewing. I think that some of the things that bugged me about it last time I understand a little better now. But on a 10 scale, it’s still a solid 6 at best. It could have been better.

One of the things that bugged me the last time I saw it (which was at least a decade ago), was how Ripley seemed so unwilling to just tell the inhabitants of the prison planet that there might be an Alien. She kept pussy-footing around about cholera, etc. of course, in retrospect, I wonder if somehow that was a byproduct of her carrying an Alien fetus. Perhaps it was having some subconscious influence on her? That is probably wishful thinking.

But I did like the setting of the prison planet and the double-Y chromosome prisoners. Interesting backdrop. And Charles Dutton is fantastic in it.

Oh, and one other plot flaw — how is it that Newt grew up in stasis? Ripley didn’t age when she was in stasis after escaping the Nostromo. That flaw could have been easily avoided.

But it was still entertaining Sci-Fi, and a fun movie to watch on a Friday night.

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