Fifty Degrees Below left me cold and Other Ramblings

No, I have not posted recently. But here I am, so put on your helmets and brace for impact.

I just finished reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Fifty Degrees Below, and I have t tell you, I didn’t think it was that good.  And I love KSR — he is one of my favorite modern Sci-Fi authors.  This novel is all over the place — and not in the place of what really happens when abrupt climate change actually happens, which is the more compelling story to me.  It goes from some pale-lifestyle riff, to “black” surveillance (that is never really clarified), to some ongoing mumbo jumbo about Tibet and the real killer is the ongoing story line about a child whose parents are politically connected and he being a potential heir to the Dalai Lama; then there is the periodic snark about Republican political denial of climate change. Ugh.  I read to get away from that kind of shit. Did I mention the frisbee golf and homeless people? Okay, I read it, not pleased with it the way I have been with literally everything else KSR has written, but there it is. Let’s move on, Shall we?

Today is July 4th. Happy Birthday America!

I have done zero writing in quite a while. I really need to get back on the donkey — the writing one that continues to kick me in the gut — and shit out some syllables.  To quote Travis Bickle, “I have a lot of crazy (story) ideas in my head.”  I need to get them out there somehow.

Until I do, Au Revoir.

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