Alien: The Sublime Beauty of Fonts, Iconography, and Set Design

I love the movie Alien. It has been one of my all-time favorites since I saw it on opening day in San Francisco back in 1979.  In addition to the storyline, I have always loved it for the design elements that brought the Nostromo — a massive, industrial spacecraft — to life. I was taking a lap around the interwebs the other day and came across a fascinating and very cool site that dives deep into some of the design elements of the movie.


I love what H.R. Giger brought to this film (BTW, check out the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune for some Giger work that set the foundation for Alien), but the detail that went into creating the Nostromo is pretty epic — and a lot of that is the creation of Ron Cobb. I also have to give a hat tip to Moebius who had much to do with the design elements (also part of the Jodorowsky group), especially the space suits.

Here’s the link:

Now geek out.

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