Johnny Buffalo

This is more flash fiction responding to Chuck Wendig’s latest challenge: Random Cocktail Challenge where you take the name from a random cocktail and create a story from it. My drink was the Johnny Buffalo: Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Club Soda, Lemon Juice, Sugar Enjoy. Johnny Buffalo was dead. I looked through the peephole and stared […]

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200 Word Flash Fiction, Part 3

This is my contribution to Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge, where each week another 200 words is added to the story.  The first 400 words have been written by others, the last 200 are my contribution to the story. Dave Kearney wrote the opening 200 or so words, and Rebecca B. did the second tranche. […]

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On My Way

This Flash Fiction story responds to Chuck Wendig’s challenge to write a story based on a trope, from a random trope generator on My trope is “Missed the Bus,” where the hero, often an Unlucky Every Dude, is relying on the bus/train/space shuttle to take him to his destination.  In Fictionland, nine times out […]

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Dr. Gretel

Chuck Wendig posted another Flash Fiction challenge, limited to 100 words and 3 sentences. Only 3 sentences.  It had to be a horror story.  It wasn’t easy, but here’s what I came up with: I stared into the bright light of the single bulb that hung from the ceiling, pulling with all my strength at […]

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Flash Fiction “Antag/Protag”

I have enjoyed reading Chuck Wendig’s blog, “Terribleminds” for some time.  This is my first stab as a participant in one of his Flash Fiction Challenges.  In this week’s challenge, Chuck has directed: You’re going to write a flash fiction story, maximum 1000-words. You will write half of it from the perspective of a protagonist. […]

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