Flash Fiction “Antag/Protag”

I have enjoyed reading Chuck Wendig’s blog, “Terribleminds” for some time.  This is my first stab as a participant in one of his Flash Fiction Challenges.  In this week’s challenge, Chuck has directed: You’re going to write a flash fiction story, maximum 1000-words. You will write half of it from the perspective of a protagonist. […]

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Alien 3 Revisited

I watched Alien 3 last night. Not for any other reason than it was on Showtime and I hadn’t seen it in a while. My last impression was the film is so-so. I am little warmer on it after last night’s viewing. I think that some of the things that bugged me about it last […]

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Dark Places

Very early this morning, a 24-year-old man shot dozens of people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing at least 12 people.  It was a midnight premier for “The Dark Knight Rises.” A Dark Night has risen indeed. I try not to be ambivalent about these sorts of mass shootings, but I have come […]

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